Thank you to go through our Privacy Policy. It is written in simple manner to inform you that your information is safe with us. We protect your privacy by keeping your personal data intact.

What would we like to collect?

Our registered users share their name, email address and many other personal data that we collect in our system. We do collect reviews and analyse their browsing behaviour.

Our intention is very clear. We use it for various purposes:

  • The personal data like email address is used to stay in touch with them by sending updates and offers
  • It helps them to maintain happy client relationship
  • Reviews and suggestions of viewers are taken seriously to make necessary changes in the services
  • Browsing behaviour is analysed carefully to improve the site browsing experience

What Measures we follow to keep the data intact?

We understand how important your personal data is for you. Therefore, highly recommended and tested security software are used to keep the data safe in the computer. Only our reliable members can access it.

Do we disclose your personal data?

No third party is allowed to access your personal data. Though our partners can access it only when they promise to maintain privacy and don’t misuse it.


We use cookies to understand the behaviour of visitors. Cookies take our visitors to other sites. These sites are not allowed to access personal data of our clients.

Third Party

Third party links are accepted. We have set some special rules for them. Contact us to learn more about it.

We want to information you that we have full authority in bringing changes in the policy keeping the regulations in mind. It can be made without informing you.

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